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Why Pridwin Preparatory School

Pridwin offers a well-balanced and culturally enriched programme that ensures our boys receive the finest possible start to their education. We know that academic success in later years depends on a solid foundation in primary school and our curriculum facilitates an environment where boys develop a love of learning through creative and collaborative approaches.

The integration of outdoor, innovative, and age-appropriate classroom lessons provides a perfect platform for the growth of our boys’ intellectual and emotional development. Our leading academic programme promotes development of 21st Century skills, which includes a focus on inquiry-based learning through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics)

Our Strengths & Values

About Pridwin Preparatory School

Our approach to learning is varied and takes into consideration the different ways in which young children learn and develop.

Preparing our boys adequately for the high schools of their choice and also to produce boys that are confident and creative.


Pridwin Preparatory School offers enriching cultural experiences to develop and nurture creativity. With activities such as Art, Chess, Dramatic Performances, Music, and Environmental Club – your children will be encouraged to participate to expand their confidence and learn more through fun teaching.


Our world-class facilities provide a platform for the many sports we have on offer. We focus on the development of physical, cognitive, and emotional aptitude and encourage maximum participation in all sports and activities.



Music is highly beneficial for children to learn as it requires focus and is incredibly stimulating for cognitive function. Our music department has three tiers that the boys participate in – class music, ensemble performance and individual music tuition.


Pridwin’s Philosophy

Our Vision

We strive to develop global citizens with a growing awareness of the universal complexities of human existence rooted in our love for Africa and our shared identity as South Africans.

We believe in the power of diversity and strive to build a balanced and inclusive school community, where no family feels under-represented, to prepare our boys effectively for the future.

Our Mission

Pridwin aims to unlock the unique and multifaceted potential of each boy, so that he is able to make a worthwhile contribution to society.


The warmth and culture experienced at Pridwin is like no other school. Everyone is received with a smile, every day. All cultures are acknowledged and treated with respect. There is a rich history to the school and at the same time there is a constant sense of the need to evolve and look to the future. And finally, the boys are courteous, friendly, confident and have impeccable manners! Pridwin is the best school!

Grade 0 2023

The nurturing staff, high academic standard and the community spirit.

Grade 7 2023

The people at Pridwin are its best feature. Teachers who want to teach and encourage the students to do and be their best. The discipline, manners and inclusive nature of the school activities. The breadth of the curriculum and the cultural and sports programme.

Grade 7 2023

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