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Why Pridwin

Pridwin is an independent Preparatory School located between Rosebank and Melrose. Our nurturing environment ensures that our boys are taught according to individual strengths, continually grow in confidence, remain curious and achieve their full potential.

Pridwin offers a well-balanced and culturally enriched programme that ensures our boys receive the finest possible start to their education.  We know that academic success in later years depends on a solid foundation in primary school and our curriculum facilitates an environment where boys develop a love of learning through creative and collaborative approaches.

The integration of outdoor, innovative, and age-appropriate classroom lessons provides a perfect platform for the growth of our boys’ intellectual and emotional development. Our leading academic programme promotes development of 21st Century skills, which includes a focus on inquiry-based learning through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics).

Our Integrated Day, which is unique to Pridwin, allows us time to focus on our co-curricular activities with a later finishing time. The boys are given a hot lunch every day before they begin the afternoon programme and complete their academic and sport activities at school. At the end of our boys’ day, they would have been given the opportunity to participate in multiple extra-curricular activities facilitated right here at Pridwin.

Our academic offering promotes holistic growth and a child centred approach to teaching and learning.

  • Being a smaller school, our boys are involved in a diverse range of educational activities which promotes holistic growth and a child centred approach to teaching and learning.
  • We have an individualised learning programme for each boy. Our specialist teachers partner with the class teachers to ensure every boy receives the best possible individualised attention.
  • Our leading academic programme promotes development of 21st Century skills, which includes a focus inquiry-based learning such as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics).
  • Our smaller class sizes and teacher to pupil ratio ensures each boy learns at their optimal potential with more individual attention for each boy in the classroom.
  • Our world class facilities provide the platform for the many sports and extracurricular activities on offer.
  • We focus on building boys’ confidence and leadership skills through public speaking opportunities, concerts, outings and camps, and leadership opportunities throughout the year.
  • Our expert Teachers are always there to help and go the extra mile. We offer additional support lessons in the morning for those boys needing assistance and encourage a close parent teacher relationship to discuss all aspects of progress and educational goals.
  • Social & Civic Justice Lessons are taught from Grade 0 – 7. This is a subject unique to Pridwin which facilitates an understanding of the importance of our diversely rich heritage.

Active engagement in our co-curricular programme ignites creativity, courage and confidence in all our boys.

  • Exceptional High School Achievement, our boys achieve excellent results and are in offered places in the top high schools throughout the country.
  • Our school has a strong academic history and we have 100 years of experience in facilitating academic programmes that allow our boys to continue to excel in high school.
  • Our Diversity & Transformation initiatives ensure that everyone at our school feels that they belong & are proud to be a part of the Pridwin community. Boys are respectful and appreciative of an individual’s unique qualities and grateful to learn from one another.
  • We have a strong bond with St Vincent School for the Deaf, this provides our community an opportunity to learn through meaningful interactions and understand the importance becoming worthwhile contributors to our society.
  • Our Bursary Programme provides opportunities to apply for a full or partial bursary so that we can continue to extend our excellent academic offering.
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