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Pridwin Parents’ Association

The strength of Pridwin lies in the ability of the PPA ’s strong sense of community initiatives and events. The PPA’s willingness to act as an effective interface between the school and the parent body whilst ensuring that the school environment is a welcoming one for all parents, boys and teachers at all times. The PPA consists of several volunteers from the parent body, it is led by an executive committee consisting of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, and various Committee leaders ensuring that its functions are diligently executed at all times. The balance of its committee is formed by class representatives who have direct attention of every parent in each grade,ensuring community and belonging in the Pridwin community.Every parent at Pridwin is an important member of the PPA

The principal functions of the PPA are to:

  • Develop and maintain the Pridwin community spirit at the school. The PPA organises various events throughout the year where parents, staff and the boys can have fun together, where healthy long lasting relationships are built.
  • Raise funds for the school that can be used for those “nice-to-have” extras outside of the schools regular budget but most importantly projects and initiatives aimed at benefiting the boys and the community .

Joining the PPA enables each parent to become actively involved in the school, and to understand and appreciate the school more. Pridwin has a unique sense of community spirit, and the PPA strives to keep and enhance this wonderful school attribute.
In addition to the various fundraising events hosted throughout the year there are several other avenues through which the PPA gathers funds for the school:

  • The PPA sells seedlings at various times of the year
  • MySchool cards also make a much-appreciated contribution towards fundraising.
  • Strategic business partnerships

Another important function of the PPA is its charity drive. The PPA assists in making a significant contribution towards St Vincent’s School for the Deaf, with which Pridwin shares a campus.
The PPA collects and donates sporting equipment and clothing to St Vincent’s,assists with food collection,collection of valedictory gifts,matric dance support, whilst providing food support towards its feeding scheme. The PPA is also involved with running wellness programs throughout the year.

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