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Old Pridwin Association

For over a century, Pridwin Preparatory has taken pride in preparing boys to become successful men. And throughout that time, the Pridwin Community has proudly nurtured the values, experience and legacy that makes our school all it is and has been.

The Old Pridwin Association (OPA) seeks to ensure that each generation of Pridwinians enjoys this same invaluable experience and that the friendships they develop during their time at Pridwin last a lifetime.

We invite all members of our Pridwin Community (old boys, past and current parents, teachers and staff) who have supported, and continue to support our school, to join the Old Pridwin Association and remain a part of this wonderful school and our incredible network of alumni.

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The objectives of The Old Pridwin Association are:

  • to provide platforms for continued interaction amongst the OPA community by arranging reunions and events to further develop and build friendships into lifelong relationships
  • to communicate with the Old Boys and members of the Pridwin community through newsletters, social media and the website in regards to events, achievements, developments and the progress of the school
  • to facilitate the Pridwin ‘High School Mentorship Programme’ which connects Pridwin boys at their respective high schools and ensures our boys have a ‘High School Big Brother’
  • to enable opportunities for business connections amongst the OPA community, which include; internships, mentoring and networking

The fellowship and support from the OPA community is invaluable to the school and we encourage our members to attend events and communicate on our platforms as much as possible.

Please send us photos, news and any information you would like to share with the community by emailing and follow us on Instagram & Facebook

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