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The Pridwin Foundation Fund

The Pridwin Foundation Fund aims to provide a continual source of financial support for Pridwin Preparatory School. This will ensure the longevity of our excellent academic offering and allow continued involvement in our meaningful community partnerships.
By donating towards The Foundation Fund, you are investing in the long-term strategic advancement of the Pridwin Community and ensuring the sustainability of the school for future generations. If you, or your company, would like any additional information, and to find out more about donating, please contact The Pridwin Foundation Office.

Empowering the future

The Pridwin Bursary Fund

The Foundation aims to empower the boys of today to be the leaders of tomorrow! Through community support and donations towards the Bursary Fund, this is made possible. This unique programme is able to offer a world class education to previously disadvantaged boys.

Time spent at Pridwin serves as a solid foundation for their educational development and thus promotes greater success in high school, and beyond. Our Bursary Programme is fully inclusive and covers tuition, books and stationary, uniform, educational tours and sport requirements.

Capital Projects Fund

In order to facilitate our world class education we are continually upgrading and investing in our academic, music and sport facilities. We are dedicated to ensuring that Pridwin continues to grow and remain a centre of excellence with world class facilities.
Donor support is invaluable in funding these capital growth projects as it facilitates improvement of our educational offering. Please contact the Advancement Office to learn more about Pridwin’s strategic growth plan and be a part of ensuring our school remains at the cutting edge of education.

The Pridwin Academy

The Pridwin Academy is an academic enrichment programme and an active initiative that shares academic knowledge and resources between the public and private education sector. Grade 4 – 7 learners from surrounding communities will attend The Academy, based at Pridwin, for afternoon lessons and utilise the school facilities, while benefiting from Pridwin’s Teacher and Intern expertise.
Our vision is to create a love of learning, develop a positive growth mindset within the learners, and equip
with skills and academic support structures to enable them to succeed in their future educational environments. Through The Academy we are making a meaningful difference to education in South Africa.

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