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Applying to Pridwin

Pridwin Preparatory School offers schooling for boys who are in Grade 0 – 7. Applications are open throughout the year. Once an application is placed your son’s name will go onto the respective waiting list based on the grade and year that you have been applied for.

Should you be applying for a current grade, the application will be added to the respective grades waiting list and once a place becomes available the application will be assessed with a place potentially being offered based on the outcome of the assessment.

Pridwin Preparatory School welcomes its first intake in Grade 0 (R), this is the year your son is 5 turning 6.

We invite all prospective parents to join us for a personal tour of the school. These tours are done by our Executive Headmaster, Mr Ross Grimley, and provide a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to get a feel for the school while engaging with Mr Ross Grimley.

To book your tour, or if you have any queries, please send an email to

Application Journey

Step 1: Place the Application

Applications are done online and can be accessed through our website. The earlier an application is placed, the better.

Step 2: Book a Tour

These tours are facilitated by our Executive Headmaster, Mr. Ross Grimley. To book a tour please send an email to

Step 3: Attend an open day

Open day is when we highlight our school to the world. Here you will be able to meet our staff, our pupils and some of our parents.

Step 4: Pridwin Experience

The Pridwin Experience is an opportunity for future grade 0s to spend some time at Pridwin Preparatory

Step 5: Letter of offer

Pridwin Preparatory sends letters of offer 14 months prior to the start of Grade 0.

Step 6: Acceptance

You will need to indicate your acceptance by returning the documentation to the admissions department by the deadline date provided.

Step 7: First Day

The first day of the rest of his life! The day we welcome you and your son to Pridwin Preparatory School!

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