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Sport at Pridwin

We encourage team spirit, enthusiasm, participation and opportunity for all Boys.

With a focus on fostering athleticism, personal growth, and teamwork, Pridwin’s vision is to create an inclusive and supportive environment where every participant can thrive, irrespective of their skill level or background.

Our Aim is to unlock the unique and multifaceted potential of each boy. Through our comprehensive sports programme, we aspire to inspire a lifelong passion for sports and physical activity. We aim to promote physical fitness among our boys, while also instilling in them the values of sportsmanship and character that extend beyond the playing field in line with our educational philosophy and school values.

By encouraging participation, teamwork, and healthy competition, we strive to develop well-rounded individuals who can demonstrate exceptional sportsmanship and character in all aspects of their lives. Our goal is to nurture students who embrace the principles of fair play, respect, and integrity, both on and off the field, thus shaping them into responsible and compassionate members of society.

By the end of their time at Pridwin, all boys will have been introduced to all the sporting codes that we offer at the school and participated in fixtures against other schools. Our sport programme is split into two components, Junior Prep Sport (Grade 0 – 2) and Senior Prep Sport (Grade 3 – 7).  

Junior Preparatory Sport

Sport and PE lessons are integrated into the academic day. The coaching compliment is set up to ensure that each child receives individual attention. 

The Grade 0s attend sport daily. Additionally, they have compulsory Saturday morning sports.These sessions are unique as they involve enthusiastic parent volunteers who act as coaches. Not only do these sessions promote community engagement, but they also play a crucial role in enhancing our students’ skills, fostering their development, and boosting their confidence.

The Grade 1 and 2 boys are provided with four hours of coaching a week. These sessions are carefully designed to encompass both skills training and match play, ensuring a well-rounded approach to sports education. Grade 1 students also have the opportunity to participate in Saturday morning sports sessions, further enhancing their learning and enjoyment. Meanwhile, Grade 2 students get to experience friendly fixtures on Friday’s throughout the year. In mixed-ability teams, the Grade 2 boys have the chance to compete in Mini Cricket, Tag Rugby, and Soccer against other schools.. These fixtures not only introduce them to the concept of competitive sports but also help them understand the game, its rules, and the significance of teamwork.

Senior Preparatory Sport

The Grade 3-7 sporting programme requires compulsory participation in all team sports, with practices taking place three times a week. Fixtures are scheduled for most Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays, depending on the specific sporting code.

The Grade 3 practice program is integrated into the school day, while the programme for grades 4-7 takes place after school.

The sports offered include:

Term 1: Cricket, Swimming and Basketball

Term 2: Rugby, Soccer, Tennis and Cross Country 

Term 3: Hockey & Athletics 

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Our cricket season takes up the majority of the first term with some end of year Tours planned in preparation for the next year. We kick off the season with a trials programme, before the start of practice sessions and league fixtures. This allows all boys to be considered for selection in their appropriate age groups, in a fair and objective manner.

We compete against other independent schools in the greater Johannesburg area, to afford as many of our boys as possible the opportunity of participating in interschool cricket matches.

Midweek matches are limited-overs games of 20 to 30 overs, depending on the match level. Saturday games are also limited-over games of 25 to 50 overs depending on the age group and match level.



Swimming takes place in the first and third terms and we have A25m and B25m teams. Galas are held on Friday afternoons and take the form of relays. Boys take part in trials to be selected for the respective teams.

Practice sessions are scheduled for morning, at lunch time or in the afternoon, depending on the team.



Athletics takes place in the second half of the third term and is compulsory for all boys.

Interhouse athletics is compulsory for all boys. However, only boys selected for the A or B school teams will take part in interschools events, held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.



Rugby is played in the first half of the second term in a 10-man format for U9 and U10, while U11 play 12 man rugby. Only the U12 & Open teams play the full 15-man format. For safety reasons, different rules are implemented in different age groups. As part of the SA rugby safety initiative, all our coaches and referees have to be BokSmart certified to coach. 

Full interschools fixtures take place, allowing every boy the opportunity to play competitive matches against similarly skilled opponents. All boys from U9 to those in the open teams may play rugby. Mouth guards are compulsory for practices and matches.

In 2010 Pridwin introduced the Sevens Rugby as part of our school sport portfolio for boys in the Open age group. It is the only prestigious 7s rugby event for preparatory schools in Johannesburg with the sole aim of growing talent and developing rugby across Gauteng. Boys selecting non-contact rugby (grade 5 to 7), have to participate in Cross Country as well as non-contact rugby skills and fitness practices. All grade 3 and 4 boys are required to play contact rugby. 


Cross Country

Cross country is held in first half of the second term. We encourage all boys to participate in this activity, as it is an excellent way to get fit, and running forms the basis of many sports. It also builds character and team spirit. Training takes place during the week (see sports timetable).

It is compulsory for all boys to compete in interhouse cross country. Interschools meetings are held on Friday afternoons.



Soccer is compulsory and played during the second half of the second term. The Grade 3 and Grade 4 age groups play seven a side, and the Grade 5s and upwards, including open teams, play 11 a side. Full interschools fixtures take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, allowing every boy the opportunity to play competitive matches. All boys are included in teams.



Hockey is played in the first half of the third term. Interschool fixtures are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Grade 3 and Grade 4 teams play seven a side on quarter fields. Grade 5B to Grade 5 mixed-ability play eight a side on half fields. The Grade 5A team, Grade 6 and opens play 11 a side, on full-sized fields. Mouth guards and shin guards are compulsory for practices and matches.



Tennis is not a compulsory sport at Pridwin and interschool fixtures are played during the second term.

Tennis teams:

Four teams (U11A, 3rd, 2nd and 1st) will be formed out of the grade five to seven tennis-playing boys. Should there for some reason not be enough players to fill these teams, we will include grade four players in the U11A team. The top 30 boys on the grade five to seven ladder (at the start of the season) will be invited to tennis practices during the season. Boys (from grades five to seven) that sign up for tennis must commit for the season and cannot withdraw unless injured or ill.

Interhouse tennis:

Boys in grades five, six and seven will take part in interhouse tennis matches.

Grades three and four tennis:

Boys signing up for tennis must be able to play. They will participate in challenges and internal tournaments on Friday and Saturday afternoons during the hockey season. There will be no matches against other schools.



Basketball is a popular sport among our boys. It is played by boys from Grade 5 to 7. The season is primarily in the first term, but the boys play throughout the year during their breaks. We begin the season with a rigorous trial program before beginning practice sessions and league games. This allows all boys to be fairly and objectively considered for selection in their appropriate age groups.

We enter teams in the a variety of leagues in the greater Johannesburg area in order to give as many of our boys as possible the opportunity to compete in interschool basketball matches. Interschool matches are times games and depend on the age group. One of our primary goals is to help the boys develop fundamental skills and a love of basketball that will last a lifetime. Basketball is a fantastic sport that promotes and encourages the boys to uphold and embody our school values.

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