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A Day in the Life

A warm welcome

Teachers and Ground Staff are on hand to welcome boys each morning. Boys choose to arrive early to squeeze in a play on the field before the bell.

Down to work

Pridwin provides an innovative learning environment where each boy is challenged and encouraged to reach his potential through a range of activies.

Taking a break

Breaktime offers a quick snack and unstructured play for boys to interact with peers and develop social skills.

Back to work

Our vision is to prepare our boys adequately for the high schools of their choice and also to produce boys that are confident, creative and effective communicators.

Time for lunch

Pridwin is unique in that it offers a hot lunch served in the Dining Hall before afternoon classes or sports commence. Lunch is always a fun time where boys enjoy each other’s company while tucking into a healthy hot meal.

Making music

Pridwin is known for its exceptional music facilities and the quality of its musicians. Within the music department, boys are exposed to three tiers of music: class music, ensemble performance and individual music tuition.

Healthy exercise

The Pridwin Sports Programme’s mission is to allow maximum participation in all sports offered at the school and to create opportunities for boys to develop all-around skills.

Always time for extras

Pridwin offers many extracurricular activities that focus on developing physical, cognitive, and emotional aptitude and encourage maximum participation in all cultural and sports activities.

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